Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Aravali Hills in Danger?

For the last several days I have been noticing scores of trucks moving from Golf Course Extension Road to Faridabad Highway in Gurgaon filled with what seems to be rocks mined from Aravali Hills. I am wondering if this is being done legally or illegally - either way, not a good sign. How far will mankind go to mess around with nature? Here are some of the pictures taken this morning, excuse me for poor quality, did my best to click from my car. 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Nandan Nilekani - Catalyst for change

I am personally very thrilled to read that Nandan Nilekani may get into mainstream politics and I do believe that he has everything in him to be a very successful political leader. His ability to bring convergence to divergent views on any particular issue is what makes him a very successful leader. At Infosys, after NRN, he was one leader who connected very well with almost every stakeholder and was looked upon as a role model not only by employees, but even by customers. Above all, his ability to articulate his ideas and vision is what made me and lot of others connect with him at Infosys, the void that was not filled at Infosys until NRN came back recently. Like Thomas Friedman said, Nandan's ability to grasp complex issues and paint the big picture in simple language makes him a very effective leader. 

The skeptics who argued that just because you have been a successful business leader does not mean that you can become a successful political leader have got a reply to some extent as Nandan has been able to overcome the political hurdles that he faced as Chairman of UIDAI. Skeptics don't realize that there is enough politics across the board in large corporations that business leaders have to navigate through! So, that gives enough experience of politics to start with and also brings that added value of being results oriented.... :-)

Then there are skeptics who say that Dr. Manmohan Singh has been a failure because he was not a mainstream political leader and so Technocrats cannot be Political Leaders. I have a lot of respect for Dr. Manmohan Singh because he gave India the second freedom in 1991 which allowed every Indian the freedom to not only dream big but also realize their dreams. Having said that, I do believe that Dr. Manmohan Singh has let the middle class down during the second term of UPA. The political system of India paralyzed him and did not allow him to function - not that I am blaming anyone else, Dr. Singh should have taken personal accountability and stepped down instead of staying there paralyzed. Dr. Singh also lacked the ability to communicate with citizens who had voted for UPA just because he was the projected Prime Minister candidate. If he had been an effective communicator, the entire nation would have rallied behind him to make him successful.

Having said that, coming back to Nandan, I believe that there is difference between a Technocrat and a Business Leader. Nandan is often referred to as a Technocrat, and since he is a technology leader he is a Technocrat, but more importantly he is a Business Leader who has earned respect globally. This quality is what has made him successful as UIDAI Chairman and I believe will continue to make him successful as a political leader. Also, he is great at ideation, articulation of those ideas, bringing consensus around those ideas, execution, measuring results and continuous improvement based on results.... 

Nandan has set an example for citizens and middle class in particular to be part of the nation building and change process. However, in our country we still need a model where young leaders can look at politics as a genuine career option. Right now, I believe that only two categories of youth / young leaders look at politics as a career option - (a) people who have earned or inherited enough to not worry about family's lifestyle and a monthly pay cheque and (b) unemployed, uneducated youth who have nothing else to do join and so they politics to make some quick (and dirty) money.

Can we create a model where one can go and interview for a job in a political party, negotiate salary, benefits, severance etc? If we are able to create that model, we will see more middle class participation in mainstream nation building process. Otherwise, it gets limited to expressing frustration on Facebook, nice drawing room conversations, writing blogs, maybe attending a rally when time permits and feel good about it....

Can we create a model where switching to a government job for a period of time and coming back to corporate world is a seamless process? There is so much talent in our country that can be tapped to boost governance and bring some new ideas but there is just no model to tap that talent.

Can people who are passionate about Narendra Modi take a career break, join his campaign to make him successful and come back to their careers after the elections are over? There is just no model for that as most in middle class need that monthly pay cheque to keep them going. Will this campaign experience get counted as valuable experience when they come back to corporate? Political leaders of India need to create such models to speed up the nation building process and tap national talent for that.

Of course, by doing our day jobs, all of us are in some way or the other contributing to nation building but we do need more seamless integration of political process with our society for a common middle class Indian to participate and make a difference. 

Would love to hear your views on this topic....

Monday, July 29, 2013

2014 - Indian Elections - Projection game starts!

India sir ye cheez dhurandhar - Rang Rangeela Parjatantar! 

Numbers game start and if you go by Arnab Goswami's projections, we are headed for a major hung parliament. Key takeaways for me:

(a) both Congress and BJP - stop your bickering otherwise negative sentiment will hurt both of you and India will be at mercy of the likes of Mayawati, Mamta, Mulayam, Lalu and Jayalalitha. 

(b) Narendra Modi supporters - TONE DOWN! Your overconfidence, aggressiveness and (if I may dare to say) religious intolerance will hurt you. Story of Development is the only thing that will help you win. "I am a Hindu Nationalist" hoardings are not going to help! Middle class of India has put lots of hope on you, please don't let them down. 

(c) Congress - declare a senior leader as PM candidate - Chidu could be a good option. That will be a master stroke to contain the fear of having Rahul Gandhi as PM and that will increase your support base. 

(d) BJP - do not declare PM candidate until after the election is over and you get a clear picture of numbers. If you have the numbers, Modi can be our PM and if you don't, you will need partners and may have to give up on Modi. 

The Game begins... this election is extremely crucial for the country and whoever comes to power has to get us back to growth trajectory. So, really hope that the best party wins!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Are we almost there?

Kali Yuga, the "Age of Downfall", is the fourth stage of the world development that we are currently in. As the corruption gradually developed wider in the earlier stages. This stage is the climax stage when the world finally meets a judgement day at the end of it as said in Hindu Scriptures. It's not known when the end comes, but it's believed that we still have a long way to go. At the end of Kali Yuga, it is believed that a new order of a peaceful global society will be established. (Source: Wikipedia)

End of Kalyug - are we already there? Can mankind do any sin which is uglier than rape of a 5 year child? Can you imagine a sin uglier than what happened to Nirbhaya on Dec 16, 2012? Or the sin uglier than random shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School? Or the sin of biting Baby Falak, throwing that little infant to a wall?

Extreme violence on the weakest of the weak.... over and over again - how did we get here?

Oh God, where are you? It's about time for you to come back to start a new beginning ....

Painful, very very painful and disturbing. Helplessness ....

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Norway in Spring - beautiful!

Weekend in Oslo and one of those rare sunny days. Some pictures....